Conor Lastowka has worked as a writer for RiffTrax.com, the web incarnation of Mystery Science Theater 3000, since 2006. In addition to writing jokes about modern blockbusters, old b-movies, and comically outdated educational shorts, he has been a writer-producer on several RiffTrax Live events broadcast nationwide, and performs as the voice of DisembAudio on RiffTrax MP3s.

He is also one of the editors of the blog [Citation Needed], which collects the best of Wikipedia’s worst writing. He has co-authored two volumes of [Citation Needed] books riffing on hilariously bad Wikipedia writing, and produced and written a season of podcasts expanding some of the all-time worst Wikipedia entries into skits.

He recently published his first novel, Gone Whalin’.

He lives in San Diego with his wife Lauren.


Gone Whalin’

[Citation Needed]: The Best of Wikipedia’s Worst Writing

[Citation Needed] 2: The Needening: More of The Best of Wikipedia’s Worst Writing

A Christmas Boner

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