Top Ten Quotes from early Marvel Comics covers that would be awkward to yell during sex

“No place on Earth will gave you safety, mortal, when Fin Fang Foom strikes!”

“Get back! Run for your lives! Nothing can stop GOOM!

Gorgilla! The monster of midnight mountain, LIVES!!

“Faster! Faster! If Sporr breaks free, we are lost!

Moomba is here!”

“How did I get here? Wha-what is happening to me?”

Help! Save us! He’s alive! He’s coming! It’s Droom!!

“It is too late now, Harris!! For you, there is no turning back!” **Awkwardness drastically reduced if your name is actually Harris**

“It’s the molten man-thing! Run for your lives!!”

“There’s no place to run! No place to turn! Googam is everywhere!


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