Behind the Scenes at the Photo Shoot for the Classic Pink Floyd “Back Catalogue” Dorm Room Poster

Ladies, I’ll be right back, I’m just going to go get a new lens and then we’ll start the shoot.


I just need to get this off my chest, this is pretty much bullshit…

Oh, here we go…

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I come here, I strip down and they paint a cow on me

You’re the one who picked that album!

I didn’t know they’d be painting it on my back! They just told us to pick our favorite Pink Floyd album!

And you just had to prove your cred. “Oh Atom Heart Mother, look how obscure I am, I don’t listen to the Pink Floyd anybody’s heard of”

It’s very underrated!

Oh, right, it’s underrated. You go home and listen to Atom Heart Mother? You just put on Atom Heart Mother and listen to it all the way through? It’s terrible Cindy.

It’s garbage

You’re garbage!


I think mine’s pretty…

That’s Relics, Doris. Nobody’s even heard of Relics.

But you said I should trade with you…

I sure did! Bet you Wish You Were Here now, huh!?

You, uh, you think Relics is underrated too Cindy? Lot of good b-sides on that compilation, aren’t there? Cuz that’s what people love about Pink Floyd, their obscure B-Sides. They really fill the stadiums!

Go to hell June!

You bitches need to shut up and just drink me in. I am looking like the Hot Side of the Moon. I may not even wash off and just go straight to the beach afterwards, turn some stoner heads.

I’m with you honey, us classic albums need to stick together.

Ha! You can keep your damn distance, Betty! You look like The Thing from Fantastic Four had a baby with Marilyn Quayle! And bring the SPF 50, it doesn’t look like you’ve seen the sun in years!

Hey, The Wall sold 23 million copies!

Which would be a lot more impressive if they didn’t count a double album as two sales!

Your hair does look like Marilyn Quayle’s…

Lick me, Carrot Top! Go touch up your ass makeup, I think it rubbed off on the high horse you rode in on!

My neck itches…

I just thought this shade of blue would match my eyes…

It’s one of those ones you just can’t reach…driving me crazy…

This was a terrible idea, I’m so stupid…

Awww, don’t say that honey. You look great.

It could always be worse. You could have a barnyard animal on your back!

You slut!

She burned you Cindy!

You’re Animals June! That’s a flying pig in between those smokestacks, you idiot!

Oh, I’m sorry, I must not have rolled enough joints on the album cover to ever notice that. I always had guys willing to roll them for me!

Pssh, a different one each week from what I’ve heard…

Beats pretending to like Atom Heart Mother alone!

Ladies! This is no way to act! You’re going to get agitated and the body paint will start running. Please, just keep your cool for two more minutes while we get the lighting rig set up!


So, how’d you lose your legs?

Thresher accident

No way, me too!

Frostbite for me, passed out drunk in the snow

I got pinned under a collapsed retaining wall two separate times, lost em five years apart.

That’s some bad luck

My mom drank during pregnancy, I was born this way


It’s hard being a sexy torso…

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