How did A Week Without Star Wars go?

My imploring of the internet to not discuss Star Wars for a week fell mostly on deaf ears. I intend on honoring the vow though, and thought I’d see how often the movies get brought up over that same span of time.

Monday, 11/28

  • Link to Han Solo Carbonite ice cube trays posted on
  • Artist Adam Koford posted a Twitter link to his (very awesome) WootShirt derby entry 

 Tuesday, 11/29

  • A comment left on the RiffTrax Facebook page said “My love of Rifftrax lead to my purchase of my own DVD copy of “Revenge of the Sith” over the weekend.”
  • I mailed off a sketch for the [Citation Needed] podcast to Scott Beckett, who does the movie pitches. Though I had this part of it weeks ago, I was still forced to look at it today, a part that involves him comparing the opening lines of the “pitch” to the Star Wars “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Wednesday, 11/30

  • Sitting around a conference table in the office, Mike brought up former FCC chairman Newt Minow. Sean remarked that he was only the second ever Newt he’d ever heard of, besides Gingrich of course.  Without realizing what I was doing, I chimed in about the Star Wars character Nute Gunray. I wasn’t sure who this character was, I just knew a character by that name existed. We all assumed he was one of Luke’s X-Wing pilots from the first couple movies. Turns out he is a trade federation guy from The Phantom Menace. I’m pretty sure they never say his name. I still knew it.  What the hell…

 Thursday, 12/1

Friday, 12/2

Saturday, 12/3

  • I try to keep the queue for [Citation Needed] stocked for a couple weeks of posts, so I had no idea that this would be queued up to post today. Even when you’re actively trying not to add any more Star Wars to the dicussion, the universe conspires against you. Fortunately, it’s pretty funny.

Sunday, 12/4

Monday, 12/5

  • And even though the week is technically over, I woke up to a Google Alert for “RiffTrax” in my email, directing me to a blog entry about the Star Wars Holiday Special.
So every single day for 8 days, something Star Wars related popped up on my radar. Keep in mind I wasn’t actively refreshing trying to find new stuff, this was all through passively observing a twitter feed or checking a few big aggregator sites. I suppose this means on some level, to use the internet is to experience Star Wars. How to escape it? Move into this guy’s cabin:
Though actually, if you squint, he does kind of look like Chewbacca’s son Lumpy…

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  1. I saw directions for making an at-at cake last week on Geeky Gadgets. Not even sure how that link got on my radar…

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