A Glimpse Behind The Scenes at RiffTrax

A little glimpse at the drama that sometimes happens behind the scenes at work:

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  1. Reaam says:

    I’m surprised this one got past you for so long. The coecnntion between geeks and MST3K is a strong one indeed.The riffs on MST3K make crappy movies much more enjoyable and I miss that show immensely. If you want to go really hardcore you ought to check our Reverend Chumley’s podcast over at the Cult of UHF (www.cultofuhf.com) No commentary (the crappiness of the movies stands on its own) but you do get cheesy skits in the spirit of Elvira and MST3K. I wish they’d bring back MST3K via video podcast, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

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