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[Citation Needed] Podcast skits on youtube

I’ve uploaded all the skits and interviews (so far) from the [Citation Needed] Podcast to youtube. The playlist of all of them is here.

[Citation Needed] Podcast – Episode 09

Episode 9 of the [Citation Needed] Podcast is here! Here’s what we have in store for this episode: A very, well, unique recipe for oysters courtesy Mr. Nick Nolte Delve into the world of Cryptozoology when we track down Mexico’s sinister cheese-stealing Nahual Gary finally pushes the Studio Executive to his bursting point when he pitches a movie […]

[Citation Needed] Podcast – Episode 08

Episode 8 of the [Citation Needed] Podcast is finally here, bringing an end to our long, dark drought of Wikipedia-based podcast humor. In this episode: We “Number the Stars” with a King who did his reputation just a wee bit of harm by surrendering to the Nazis Hapless screenwriter Gary attempts to pitch his script for “Hooked […]